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You are here: Home / News / Industrial News / Why use an automatic weighing machine? Frequently asked questions about automatic weighing machines

Why use an automatic weighing machine? Frequently asked questions about automatic weighing machines

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The automatic weighing machine is a kind of high-precision automatic weighing equipment. It is widely used in many fields, such as food, agriculture, aquatic products, medicine, light industry, textile, energy and so on.

Why use an automatic weighing machine?

1. The weight sorting function can effectively control the cost for the manufacturer;

2. Avoid high fines due to substandard product weight;

3. Effectively improve production efficiency;

4. Save labor;

5. Reducing unnecessary rework caused by employee turnover;

6. While the interests of the manufacturer are not affected, the interests of the customers are not affected, so as to achieve a win-win situation;

7. Meet the demanding requirements of customers through weight inspection;

8. Self-test by weight sorter to ensure zero defect of the product.

Frequently asked questions about automatic weighing machines:

A. Operation interface touch screen has no display possible reasons:

1. Poor power contact

2. The fuse inside the chassis is blown

3. The data cable is loose or falling off

B. The data is beating loudly, and the possibility of fluctuation is abnormal.

1. Checkweigher pedestal screws are loose

2. The load cell is subject to significant interference, such as air conditioning, airflow, etc.

3. Ground shaking, vibration, such as nearby machine rotation interference, car passing, etc.

4. The conveyor belt is affected by sticky objects

5. The load cell base has debris or stuck

6. Filter coefficient setting is too small

C. The checkweighing system interface shows a total of zero possible causes:

1. The object is light and the weight falls within the zero range. It should be solved by resetting the “zero range”.

2. The weighing device is considered to be zero, which can be solved by adjusting the “Auto Zero Tracking” item in the system options.

3. The sensor data line is loose and the contact is poor.

D. The data shows an exception:

1. The error is too large and the recalibration of the weighing machine system is required.

2. If the product model is selected incorrectly, it should be solved by re-clicking “Switch Product” and selecting the corresponding accessory product number.

3. Ambient temperature exceeds the normal working range of the load cell

4. The load cell sensing component is aging, or deformed.



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