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Why Use a Needle Detector

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Why use a needle detector? Because in the 1970s, there was a child injury incident caused by broken needles in children's clothing in Japan. Japan has promulgated the Japanese clothing standard test method to protect the interests of consumers and the safety of consumers. The test method stipulates that any imported and exported garments must be tested by testing instruments, and no broken needles or small iron filings may remain in the garments. Otherwise, give a financial penalty of $10,000 to $30,000. In view of this, the Japanese first produced the needle detector branded on the island. In the 1980s, the United States and Taiwan followed suit, and they also promulgated the law on the import and export of clothing. In the 1990s, due to the large-scale introduction of foreign trade production in South Korea and China, needle detectors were purchased in accordance with international practice, and the production of needle detectors began. At the same time, it also began to explore the nature and scope of the needle detector, various technical indicators, operating procedures, maintenance, maintenance and upgrades, troubleshooting of the needle detector, and inspection of the needle detector. The specific content can be seen from the following:

1. Discuss and stipulate the definition and nature of the needle detector;

2. The scope and industry of the needle detector are specified;

(1) Industries that are prone to harm to human life;

(2) Products that are easily harmful to human life;

(3) Clothing, shoes, hats, handbags, woven goods, handicrafts, medicines, food and other products exported to foreign countries.

3. Various technical indicators of needle detector:

(1) the height and width of the needle detector;

(2) a test standard corresponding to the height and width of the needle detector;

(3) Technical requirements for the delivery and carrying of the needle detector;

(3) various technical indicators of electronic components;

(4) Specifications and technical specifications of computer chips and computer programs;

(5) Magnetic field sensing range, strength and weakness verification;

(6) Data processing of signals during the detection of the needle detector;

(7) The needle detector has a constant resistance to external disturbances;

(8) The principle of the needle detector body is constant;

(9) Preset and elimination of needle detector failure;

(10) The treatment of the conventional performance and special performance of the needle detector;

(11) Characteristics and differences of ordinary needle detectors, computer type needle detectors, and anti-interference needle detectors;

(12) Confirmation of the specifications and model of the needle detector;

(13) The selection of the material of the needle detector and the design of the appearance design;

(14) Confirmation of the cost performance of the needle detector;

4, needle detector operating procedures

5, needle detector maintenance, maintenance

6, the needle detector troubleshooting

7, inspection and update of the needle detector


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