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Why are metal separators getting more and more attention?

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In recent years, there have been many netizens who broke the news. They found metal foreign objects in the food they bought. They were timid and fearful, but they hurt the body. The scene of the scene tested the nerves of the public. In fact, in addition to food, metal foreign bodies are found in medicines. Although there are metal detectors, there are often omissions in some industries, and the presence of metal separators is even more important.

It is understood that in the process of production and processing of drugs, metal powders, particles, needle-shaped amorphous metal objects and the like are often mixed into the product due to wear and tear of the equipment and artificial negligence. The incorporation of these metals into medicines can cause great harm to the safety of medicines. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the detection and rejection of metals. Among them, the metal separator plays a decisive role in the metal removal process. Gradually, more attention has been paid to the detection of metals.

Metal separators are divided by the way the articles are transported. The metal separators are usually divided into: channel type, drop type and pipeline type. Currently, channel metal separators are the most common metal detection equipment on the market. The detector's channels are square and are generally equipped with a conveyor mechanism with automatic rejection or alarm signals. When the items on the conveyor pass through the detector, they are automatically rejected or stopped as soon as there is metal. Mainly for on-line inspection of finished and semi-finished products, providing final inspection before shipment.


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