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You are here: Home / News / Company News / What do you think of the metal detector's idea and overview?

What do you think of the metal detector's idea and overview?

Views:2     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-03      Origin:Site

What do you think of the metal detector's idea and overview?

Metal detector idea:

Metal detector for aluminum foil, needle detector, needle inspection machine - metal detector concept

1) Connect the machine to the inspection block or want to detect the needle and iron filings. First, determine the alarm sound of the machine by machine test, and the conveyor belt stops working normally.

2) When the machine is idling, if the indicator light is irregularly lit, it means that there are interference signals around the machine (such as electric fan, iron frame, trolley, etc.), the location should be replaced or the interference should be removed; if the probe indicator is on, it means the conveyor belt There is a foreign object on it, please use a medical alcohol to wipe the conveyor belt, no foreign matter until the probe light goes out;

3) During the operation, the four-legged metal detector should be placed smoothly, please do not vibrate the machine to avoid false alarms;

4) When the measured object contains trace amounts of iron (the volume is smaller than the standard test block in the ball), an alarm will be issued when the alarm is not within the normal range;

5) Do not expose to high temperatures in the sun and avoid use in wet places;

6) This machine is designed to detect metal and other items. Please avoid using high frequency machines.


7) The instrument should have a special needle detection room and hand test.

8) It should always be scrubbed and maintained, and daily maintenance is very important.

Metal detector overview:

(such as men's wear, women's wear, children's wear, underwear, kimono, jackets, bedding, shoes and gloves, plush, etc.) toys, food (edible mushrooms, fish, meat, fruits, etc. and their products) such as sanitary materials, clothing accessories Zipper, detection button, can also be used for non-ferromagnetic materials such as copper, aluminum, zinc, paper, rubber, chemical and other raw materials mixed with iron to detect debris and other foreign matter, improve product competitiveness.

Our company is one of the first companies in China to produce metal detectors. It has more than the on-site metal testing experts, and has strong technical accumulation and perfect after-sales service system.

KY5CL precision metal detector is the latest metal detector product launched by the company in 2010. It adopts the latest closed magnetic induction sensor with high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability. The core control board adopts American Atmel digital signal processing chip design. Based on high-speed CISC chip and signal second-order analysis technology, it can accurately display the exact position of the object in foreign objects. Advanced digital sensitivity adjustment and voltage display output, accurately adjust sensitivity according to different needs of the product. , to achieve the best detection status, meet production safety standards; at the same time provide preset functions, easy to operate, fast detection, comprehensive functions of complex products can be adapted to detection.

Metal detectors represent the highest level of performance of metal detectors on the market today, with the highest sensitivity and stability. At the same time, in the production management of Yangyang Industrial 6Σ, the product quality is reliable.

The above is the company's opinion on the metal detector's idea and overview, I hope you can understand.


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