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Weight sorter uses imported electrical components

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Operation method of weight sorting machine and repair and maintenance weight sorting machine operation method: 

DCW series high-speed weight detection scale is a high-speed, high-precision online checkweighing equipment, advanced dynamic weight signal processing system, rich software, electronic and mechanical options, which enables the series to meet the online checkweighing of all walks of life. Claim. The modular design makes the operation and routine maintenance of the series easy. The product parts are easy to disassemble and cleaned with water, and imported electrical components are used for waterproof performance. The operation surface is displayed by touch screen, which can store parameters of different weight specifications of 100 kinds of materials, which is convenient for operation. 

Weight sorter repair and maintenance: 

1. Weight sorter Clean the scale body to cut off the power and unplug the power cord. Soak the gauze and wring it out, then apply a little neutral cleaning solution to clean the weighing pan, display filter and other parts of the scale. 

Note: Do not use any chemical solvent for cleaning. In the cleaning process, avoid splashing water into the scale body. If it is accidentally splashed inside the scale body, you must wait for the moisture to dry before turning on the power. Otherwise, it may cause electric shock. Or damage the device. 

2. Check the weight of the weight sorter to check if the scale body is normal. If it is tilted, adjust the scale foot so that the blisters are in the center position. 

3. The weight sorter cleans the printer to cut off the power, opens the plastic door on the right side of the scale, holds the plum handle on the outside of the printer, and pulls the printer out of the scale. Press the reed on the front of the printer, release the print head, gently wipe the print head with the special print head cleaning pen attached to the scale attachment, remove the dirt on the surface, and wipe off the anti-pen cleaning solution on the pen cap. Wait for two minutes. After the cleaning liquid on the print head is fully evaporated, close the print head, push the printer back into the scale body, close the plastic door, check the power, and print it clearly before use. 

Note: To clean the print head, you must use the cleaning pen attached to the scale. For example, use the cleaning liquid in the cleaning pen. You can find some clean soft cloth and wipe it with a little alcohol. Do not use other cleaning liquids or wipe the print head with a hard object, as this may result in damage to the print head. 

4. The weight sorter initializes the bar code electronic scale with zero tracking and power-on zero function. It can clear the foreign objects on the weighing pan to ensure that the scale is turned on when there is no wind around. If there is a little weight display after booting, you can press the keyboard. Clear the "key" to return the scale to zero. 

During the weighing process, it should be ensured that no foreign objects touch the weighing pan around the scale. The bottom of the weighing pan should also be clean and free of foreign matter. Otherwise, it may cause problems such as inaccurate weighing.



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