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Weight sorter application areas and product features

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The weight sorting machine is mainly used for automatic weight detection, on-line identification or weight grading selection in various automated packaging lines. It is widely used in online high-speed packaging check weighing in pharmaceutical, food, health care products, daily chemicals, batteries, light industry and other industries. application.


1. Adopt high quality belt conveying method 

2. Chinese or English language menu display, 10-inch color LCD touch screen operation interface, and the output interface can be connected to the computer for data transmission. 

3. Multi-component selection formula can help the enterprise to easily switch the materials to be inspected. 

4. The height of the work surface can be adjusted freely. At the same time, according to the actual needs of the enterprise, the range of inspection weight, detection accuracy, detection speed, appearance shape and size of the equipment can be designed. The materials can be selected according to the requirements of the enterprise, and the design is reasonable, the production is exquisite, and the maintenance is convenient. Fast. 

5. Password protection ensures that no authorized personnel can change the data. 

6. Quick installation and disassembly of structural design for easy cleaning and maintenance of product applications. 

7. The product can be widely used in industries such as medicine, fine chemicals, cosmetics, light industry, battery, health care products, food, precision machining, etc. that require precision weight detection. 

8. Special structural design, all stainless steel, compact and reasonable layout. It has excellent performances such as waterproof and vibration resistance.



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