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Weight principle and accuracy of the weight sorter?

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Weight sorter accuracy principle:

The weight sorting machine is also called the weight classifier: it uses the weight sensor to identify the weight of the product. Different weight sensors can be used to obtain different weight detecting machines. The weight sensor is the core of the weight classifier. The range of the weight sensor is determined. Weighing scale and scale of the weight classifier. At the same time, the accuracy of the weight sensor also affects the accuracy of the weight sorter.

At present, the accuracy of the common weight sorting machine is +/-0.2g (higher requirements), but its price is high, and +/-0.5g (universal occasion) can meet the common needs, cost-effective. But is the accuracy of the weight sensor determined by the accuracy of the weight sorter? Actually it is not complete. Because the weight sorter also has a conveyor belt and transport unit, the design of the conveyor belt also involves the accuracy of the weight sorting scale. The weight sorting scale also has a rejecting device, which is commonly used in pusher type and flap type. The high-end equipment uses a robot to reduce the inertia of the push rod.

(1) The highest sensitivity is ±0.2g.

(2) The system has an automatic zero calibration function.

(3) It can store characteristic equipment of many different products.

(4) The password protection system can be set to operate.

(5) The automatic elimination system is available in hammer type, flap type, and sliding type.

(6) The range is: 4-600g/20-3000g/80g-18kg/400g-60kg is available. 


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