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Weight detection and foreign matter detection on the packaging product line

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-12      Origin:Site

Packaging product testing is different from laboratory testing. Packaging product testing requires rapid, accurate and efficient testing of products in large-scale production. The detection volume usually needs to be consistent with high-speed production lines. Weight detection and foreign matter detection on the production line are also very important.

First, the test equipment needs to detect the contaminants found in the packaged product. In the production process, no one can guarantee that no pollutants will be mixed into the product, which puts strict requirements on the products to be shipped. The products that are contaminated cannot flow into the hands of consumers.

The contaminants in packaged products can be divided into many types - according to the causes of pollutants, they can be roughly divided into chemical pollutants (such as melamine), biological pollutants (such as parasites), and physical pollutants (such as foods). Stones, metal scraps, etc.). Zhongshan Voltmann's X-ray detectors and metal detectors accurately identify products containing physical contaminants on a high-speed production line and remove them from the production sequence in a timely manner.


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