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weighing food checkweigher


Waterproof Scales Check Weight Conveyor

Product Usage:

It is mainly used for quality inspection and classification of products on the automated assembly line. It can also be used for inspection of missing and missing parts after product packaging.

It can also replace manual weighing to improve production efficiency and consistency and reliability of weighing.

Widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, industrial manufacturing, printing, logistics, and other industries.

check weigher application

Check Weigher is a kind of high speed and precision online weight inspection equipment; It's mainly used for various automatic assembly line and logistical conveyor system to check low or high weight deviation of the on-line products, then to sort them. And it works with all kinds of packaging production line and conveying system. It's applied to online detection of pharmaceutical, food, toys, hard-ware and chemical industry. In addition, it also can directly replace artificial weighing to improve production efficiently and keep consistency and reliability.


1. Large-size color touch screen interface, easy to operate and intuitive display.

2. Reinforced stainless steel 304 frame, in line with GMP and HACCP regulations.

3. Simple mechanical structure for quick disassembly cleaning and maintenance.

4. Product presets for easy switching.

5. Automatic zero point analysis tracking system to ensure stable detection.

6. Embedded temperature noise compensation system to ensure reliable data.

7. Dynamic weight compensation technology, the detection data is more real and effective.

8. Parameter setting password protection, only management personnel operation.

Production Process:

check weigher process

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Q: When is delivery?

A: 15 or 18 working days after advance are received.

Q: Do you attend any Show?

A: We attend Canton fair, CPSE and other shows

Q: What is Mini order?

A: The mini order is one set.


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