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Torzn teaches you how to use the automatic weighing machine correctly

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In today's intelligent, automatic weighing machines are an indispensable part of a series of production line equipment such as food and medicine. The working equipment of the assembly line has partially replaced the manual operation of humans. How to use the automatic weighing machine correctly? What? What should we pay attention to in use?

1. Before opening the automatic weighing machine, we should check whether the belt is good. If there is any problem, it should be replaced in time;

2, open the machine to set various parameters before weighing, and the requirements of sorting;

3. If the device does not display weight during operation, it may be light high, and the height of the photoelectric sensor should be adjusted;

4. During the operation process, the equipment should be stable. If it is not stable, it may cause deviation of the display data. For example, if there are multiple light weights in the weighing process, the method of correcting the amount can be used to solve the problem;

5. The docking between the production line equipment should be kept at a certain distance to avoid mutual influence.



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