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The working process of the weighing machine

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Weighing machine's working process line weighing machine can be divided into the following three processes

1. Preparation of weighing machine Firstly, the weighing machine should be placed on a stable ground to check whether the lines are intact. The speed of the conveyor is set according to the weighing range of the product, the spacing of the products and the required speed. The purpose is to ensure that the weighed products are weighed on the scale during the weighing process.

2. Weighing machine process When the product enters the conveyor, the system will recognize the product entering the weighing area according to the received external signal. According to the running speed and length of the weighing conveyor, the system can determine the weight of the product.

3. Weighing machine sorting process When the controller obtains the weight signal of the product, the system will compare with the preset weight range to complete the sorting process of the symmetric heavy object. Sorting is to reject the unqualified product. Eliminate or transport overweight and underweight separately to other places. Fully automatic online sorting weighing machine features

1. Photoelectric sensor and weight sensor are the core parts of the weighing machine. The time imported electrical components can accurately classify the product, thus minimizing the risk of damage to your product.

2. The weighing machine's 10-inch touch screen man-machine interface is bright and clear, the function keys greatly reduce the operation error, can store the production formula of more than 100 products, and reduce the product replacement and downtime.

3. Weighing machine loading table can increase the labor productivity by multi-person feeding at the same time. The flexible and independent modular design is easy to integrate into the existing production line. German waterproof motor, low-voltage electric control plus waterproof design improves the safety of weighing.

4. Weighing machine can be used for sorting a wide range of products. It can sort chicken legs, chicken wings, sea cucumbers, abalone, lobster, fish and other products. Weighing 1000 grams of materials can be divided into 14 grades of fish products. Advantages of weighing machine

1. Weighing Machine In the previous aquatic industry, whether it is a self-employed or a large-scale enterprise processing factory, we have classified the products by eye-catching methods for seafood that has just been salvaged from the sea. Waste labor and other drawbacks

2. Weighing Machines Many seafood and aquatic products processing industries require strict weighing requirements. The first thing they take is one person, one person and one person. If the customer wants a large amount of demand, it will cost more labor. Weighing and sorting, invisibly increase the cost of labor in the traditional method. A fully automatic sorting weighing machine of Shandong Xindaxin Food Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. can easily solve the sorting and weighing. The working principle of the machine is: the product conforming to the weighing range is transported into the metering conveyor belt by the belt. When the product enters the electromagnetic sensor located at the front end of the metering conveyor belt, the weighing machine begins to measure and change the product, and the product passes through the conveyor belt. The weight sensor starts to detect, completes the measurement and detection of the product, and the data is displayed to the operation department. The computer compares the automatically displayed measurement data with the preset weight range, sorts according to the data requirements, and all our electrical appliances. The components are imported, and the error required in accuracy is small, which improves labor productivity and reduces labor costs. 



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