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The composition of the needle detector

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-29      Origin:Site

The working principle of the needle detector is that the first detector receives and processes the signal, senses all the scans through the strong magnetic field induction, and then has the high voltage integrated block, the sensitivity control integrated block, the signal receiving and the signal output integrated integrated block to complete the test work. The composition of the needle detector 

When the goods pass the needle detector, there are broken needles or ferrous materials, such as metal, which are not allowed to pass the needle detector. The machine that detects the ferrous metal inspection needle will automatically alarm, and the conveyor belt will return the goods to the original position, from the inspector according to The location of the broken signal light can quickly find the damage to the goods, and if no metal goods are detected, the needle detector can pass through the channel. According to the export inspection rules of textiles, the goods that pass the needle break detection will be ready for export. 

It can be exported through qualified products, otherwise it will be retained in the composition of the customs needle detector. 

1. Detection sensor (sensor): The detection sensor and detection sensor (position on the conveyor belt) of the detection sensor can form a test item of different specifications, which can be referred to as the test level. 

The original reason: magnetic sensitive signal, hereinafter referred to as magnetic cutting line 

2. Circuit control system, signal amplifying circuit and signal circuit alarm system, power protection circuit are composed of three parts: the foreign matter captured by the signal amplification is more agile, the iron and iron foreign object impacts the normal magnetic cutting line under the breaking condition, the twisted magnetic Parting line, circuit output trigger signal alarm circuit, realize the ideal effect of alarm detection 

3. Motor: Single-phase capacitor motor with gear reduction The original reason for rotation: gear ratio, reducing load and extending life. 

4. Conveyor belt: Conveyor belt is a test item for testing sensors for testing tools, so the steps are anti-static special nylon, knitted woven mesh cloth, special rubber adhered on the surface, absolutely guarantee that the conveyor belt does not contain a small iron and metal parts. Make sure the sensor does not have an alarm 

5. Steel frame: The frame, the function of checking the bridge of the injection molding machine is to check the first frame structure of the multi-function state of the needle machine, so that it has more stable performance and the appearance of electrostatic spraying, which is both beautiful and prolongs the service life. 

6. Wing: Appearance decoration, early use of aluminum plate production, signal shielding effect than iron level, because of the handmade aluminum shell, suitable for small manufacturers to produce or custom non-standard machines, powerful manufacturers are using hard plastic shell mold project . 

7. Four-axis: The stainless steel tube is combined into a rolling bearing structure, so that it can ensure the transmission lubrication transmission concentration, low noise, low heat and long service life. 

8. Photoelectric Infrared Correlation - will emit an invisible infrared detector operating state, when is the infrared interception and transmission of the signal recorder, and the number of items that will eventually pass. 

9. Fixed feet: Each machine has four fixed feet, when the machine is adjusted to smooth and the company until the machine is not rock. 

10. Control Panel: Sensitivity is used to control the operation and commissioning of the machine, according to statistics, and other functions.



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