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The characteristics of the weighing machine

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-29      Origin:Site

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for product packaging has also improved. In the early stage, the production enterprise adopted the manual detection method, which not only has low efficiency, low probability of occurrence, but also requires large amount of labor, resulting in increased cost, easy to appear underweight or missing parts, which greatly affects the customer impression of the product image. The characteristics of the weighing machine

Weighing machines are familiar to many companies, and automatic weighing machines are high-precision devices that automatically detect the weight of packaged products. It is commonly used in automated production processes for online weighing tests to ensure that the weight of the packaged product is within the specified range. Any packaged product that exceeds the specified value will be automatically rejected. It not only improves production efficiency, guarantees product quality, but also saves time and cost, saves capital and management costs, reduces downtime, eliminates product losses, and creates great value for users.

The weighing machine is fully integrated with the flexibility and easy control of the PLC system. The combination of special high-speed and high-precision data acquisition board and touch screen not only ensures the characteristics of high-speed data acquisition, but also provides customers with closer production requirements and more individuality. Solution.

Weighing machines are widely used in food, chemical, mining, metallurgy, electric power, building materials, cement, ceramics, docks and other bulk materials, canning, canning liquid materials weighing and control management industries, is a modern ideal smart device.

The characteristics of the weighing machine

1. Signal filtering uses an adaptive method to improve real-time response.

2. Automatically balance measurement signals to enhance vibration resistance;

3. System configuration uses parametric control to enhance field adaptability.

4. Signal conditioning uses high-end technology to effectively increase the resolution of the measurement;

5. All functional modules are modular in design for easy user maintenance;

6. Not only provides high-precision dynamic weight measurement modules, but also motor and motor drive modules;

7. Free design of the structural appearance with the user's own characteristics.

8. Provide on-site technical training to shorten the time to market;

9. Provide a complete set of mechanical design drawings to provide users with the perfect solution;


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