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Talking about the advantages and operation of online weighing machine

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Talking about the advantages of online weighing machine:

1. Top weighing and sorting technology: The highest domestic sorting accuracy is ±0.05g, and the fastest sorting speed is 300 times/min.

2. Accurate product sorting function: advanced digital weighing unit and zero point automatic analysis, providing production trend feedback signal, adjusting the packaging accuracy of upstream packaging machine and reducing cost.

3. Powerful data traceability function: Unqualified product query printing, sorting process can generate statistical charts such as histogram and output graph, and built-in data transmission system to facilitate production control.

4. Domestic market share is the first: Whether it is industry application or customer group, we always maintain the industry first, with the most comprehensive application experience and technology accumulation.

5. Comprehensive operation yield first: Weighing detection and sorting action flexibility is the first in the industry, stable operation, with power-off data storage and fault self-test alarm function.

6. User-friendly design and easy operation: 10-inch color touch screen operation interface, can pre-store 100 varieties, flexible sorting and switching, realize non-stop switching products; modular design, conveyor belt adopts buckle design, maintenance and cleaning is extremely convenient .

7. The domestic shunt rejection device prevents the product from falling down during the sorting process and spills the material to ensure the integrity of the test object.

8. In-depth development and customization, supporting integration capabilities: can meet various products, different environmental requirements to customize all kinds of applicable programs, perfect docking metal detectors, packaging machines and other equipment.

Online weighing machine operation notes:

1. Maintain good weighing habits when using. During the weighing process, try to place it in the middle of the online automatic weighing machine, and let the online weighing machine sensor balance the force. Avoid uneven tilting of the weighing platform and cause slight weighing and affect the service life of the online weighing machine.

2. Check that the horizontal steam drum is centered before each use to ensure the accuracy of weighing. Frequently clean the debris on the sensor to avoid touching the sensor, causing the weighing to be inaccurate and the number of hops.

3. Always check if the wiring is loose, broken, and the grounding wire is secure. Always check whether the limit clearance is reasonable, whether the scale body is in contact with other objects, collision, etc. 



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