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Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the needle detector

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-11      Origin:Site

Needle detector:

Advantages: The needle detector is cheaper, and it is suitable for most sewing products. It only needs to detect broken needles (such as: must install copper or non-ferrous alloy buttons, zippers, bead chain clothing, toys, handbags, etc. Product).Has been accepted by the majority of users.In China, as long as it is a regular manufacturer, the performance of the needle detector can be comparable to that of the imported needle detector.

Disadvantages: A. The needle detector technology is only improved and improved. However, since the principle of the needle detector is the principle of magnetic induction, only ferromagnetic metals (iron, cobalt, nickel and alloys containing these metal impurities) can be detected. Other high purity fine metals.That is to say, if the product contains a small amount of high-purity non-ferromagnetic metal impurities other than ferromagnetic metals, the needle detector has no way to detect it.

B. The inside of the probe of the needle detector is a permanent magnet. However, after years of use, the magnetic force will gradually decrease and the sensitivity may decrease.This also poses a safety hazard for industrial testing. The needle detector must be periodically tested and calibrated with the needle detector nine-point test method to ensure efficiency.For products that need to detect all metal foreign objects (clothes, handbags, etc. without metal fittings), you can use all-metal detectors according to actual needs!

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