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Shanghai Torzn teaches you how to maintain the needle detector

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The automatic needle detector is used to check soft cotton broken needles and other metal fragments. When broken needles and iron objects are detected, the sound and light instruments alarm at the same time, and the conveyor belt returns or stops. Such a highly sensitive test instrument also has strict requirements for its maintenance. Next, the torch will tell you how to maintain such a highly sensitive test instrument.

1. Find a clean towel, damp the water and wring it out until it can't be screwed out.

2. Before the surface is cleaned, the sensitivity of the needle detector should be adjusted to the lowest level. If the needle detector has B/C mode, please adjust the needle detector to C mode to avoid the sensitivity of the next step. Then straighten the towel and press it tightly on the surface of the conveyor belt, start the machine, let the machine run for more than five rounds, then wash the towel and wring it out, and repeat this step again to wipe the conveyor belt until there is no obvious pollutant on the surface of the conveyor belt;

3, then wash and wring the towel, pass the towel from the bottom of the machine through the bottom of the conveyor belt, straighten the towel, and draw the towel to the front of the conveyor table, grab the two ends of the towel, and start the machine to run the machine for several weeks. Since the bottom of the conveyor belt is the dirtiest place, multiple wipes are required. After each operation for several weeks, the towel should be washed out and the above steps repeated.

4. After the above two cleaning steps, the needle conveyor conveyor belt adjusts the sensitivity to level 8 or the highest sensitivity, and starts the machine to let the machine run. If the machine runs smoothly and the probe metal position indicator light is off, put it at this time. Into the clothing without any metal impurities, the clothes can pass through the needle detector channel, that is, the conveyor belt is cleaned successfully!



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