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Shanghai Torzn teaches you how to choose the right metal detector according to your purpose.

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Shanghai Torch teaches you how to choose the right metal detector machine according to your purpose.

1. Conveying metal detector: It is mainly used for detecting products with small volume, as well as small bagged and boxed industrial products, which can be connected to the production line and realize linkage. It is currently the most widely used product in China.

2, drop metal detector: mainly used to detect powdery, small granular products. Mainly used in the plastics and rubber industries.

3. Pipeline metal detector: It is mainly used to detect the paste and seal the pipeline. It is convenient to detect the metal impurities in the pipe, and is mainly used for the detection of powdered articles such as tablets, capsules and granules (plastic particles, etc.).

4, hand-held metal detector: the earliest application to the airport, workshop, dock, publicity, public security inspection of the venue, the industry is mainly used to prevent the loss of metal products in the company's content, in recent years in the Chinese market is also applied to various examinations When you want, prevent candidates from cheating. For example, college entrance examination, postgraduate examination, civil service examination, etc.

5, flat metal detector: for the detection of sheet, silk and other relatively thin products, the price is relatively cheap, suitable for small businesses.

6. Vacuum conveying type metal detector: vacuum production line with relatively high production requirements. These products have higher requirements on the use environment. Mainly used in the chemical industry.

7. Pressure-transporting metal detector: It is mainly used in pressure conveying lines and products with high pollution requirements, such as soy sauce and edible oil. Liquid or viscous items can be inspected before canning or packaging, which can effectively improve the detection accuracy.



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