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Shanghai Juzhao tells the weight sorting machine can be accurate to a few grams? And the impact of environmentally symmetric weight sensors.

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The weight sorting machine is also called the weight classifier: it uses the weight sensor to identify the weight of the product. Different weight sensors can be used to obtain different weight detecting machines. The weight sensor is the core of the weight classifier. The range of the weight sensor is determined. Weighing scale and scale of the weight classifier. At the same time, the accuracy of the weight sensor also affects the accuracy of the weight sorter.

At present, the accuracy of the common weight sorting machine is +/-0.2g (higher requirements), but its price is high, and +/-0.5g (universal occasion) can meet the common needs, cost-effective. But is the accuracy of the weight sensor determined by the accuracy of the weight sorter? Actually it is not complete. Because the weight sorter also has a conveyor belt and transport unit, the design of the conveyor belt also involves the accuracy of the weight sorting scale. The weight sorting scale also has a rejecting device, which is commonly used in pusher type and flap type. The high-end equipment uses a robot to reduce the inertia of the push rod.

(1) The highest sensitivity can reach ±0.2g.

(2) The system has an automatic zero calibration function.

(3) Equipment that can store a variety of different products

(4) can set the password protection system to operate

(5) The automatic elimination system is available in hammer type, flap type, and sliding type.

(6) The range is: 4-600g/20-3000g/80g-18kg/400g-60kg is available.

The impact of environmentally symmetric weight sensors:

The load cell is a device that converts the quality signal into a measurable electrical signal output. It has the characteristics of simple structure and good reliability, and is mainly applied to various electronic scales, industrial control fields, online control, and safety. Overload alarm, material testing machine and other fields. However, it is also necessary to pay more attention to the application environment of the load cell, because its application environment is directly related to the normal operation of the sensor and its safety and service life, as well as the reliability and safety of the entire scale.

Briefly introduce a few points:

1. The high temperature environment causes problems such as melting of the coating material, opening of the solder joint, and structural changes in the stress in the elastic body. High temperature sensors are often used for sensors operating in high temperature environments; in addition, devices such as heat insulation, water cooling or air cooling must be added.

2. The effect of dust and moisture on the short circuit of the sensor. Under these environmental conditions, a sensor with high airtightness should be used. Different sensors have different sealing methods, and their airtightness is very different. Common seals are filled or coated with sealant; mechanically sealed seals for rubber pads; welded (argon arc welding, plasma beam welding) and vacuum-filled nitrogen seals. From the perspective of the sealing effect, the welding seal is the best, and the filling and sealing agent is the amount difference. For sensors working in a clean and dry environment, you can choose a rubber-sealed sensor. For some sensors that work in a humid, dusty environment, you should choose a diaphragm heat seal or a diaphragm weld seal. Vacuum nitrogen filled sensor.

3. In the environment with high corrosivity, such as moisture, acidity, damage to the sensor caused by elastomer or short circuit, etc., the outer surface should be sprayed or stainless steel cover, good anti-corrosion performance and good airtightness sensor .

4. The influence of the electromagnetic field on the sensor output turbulence signal. In this case, the shielding of the sensor should be strictly checked to see if it has good electromagnetic resistance.


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