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produce weighing scales


Belt System Produce Weighing Scales


The machine is suitable for testing the weight of a small single item whether is qualified or not, for example, pharmaceutical and health care products industry uses the checkweigher to test whether the tablets are more or less than the specified quantities, whether the powder packaged drug is more or less than the standard bags, whether the weight of liquid products meets the standard requirements; or the omission of drug attachments (such as instructions, desiccant, etc.).

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Check Weigher is a kind of high speed and precision online weight inspection equipment; It's mainly used for various automatic assembly line and logistical conveyor system to check low or high weight deviation of the on-line products, then to sort them. And it works with all kinds of packaging production line and conveying system. It's applied to online detection of pharmaceutical, food, toys, hard-ware and chemical industry. In addition, it also can directly replace artificial weighing to improve production efficiently and keep consistency and reliability.

Main features:                                                                                                                          

1. Stable and reliable.

2. High-precision digital load cell, high-speed digital filter processing, and automatic zero trackings.

3. Unique dynamic weighing anti-jamming correction technology, weighing accuracy and weighing speed is much better than similar products.

4. Have products preset function, free switching, user-friendly operating system design, easy to understand, optional multi-language version.

5. Production data reporting function, a quick understanding of the production status, data output function, the output print function.

Production Process:                                                                                                                

check weigher process

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Q: Are you a manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are a manufacturer, and we can provide the competitive price and good quality.

Q: What is the order process?

A: Inquiry - quotation - communication - order confirming - deposit payment - production - testing and debugging - balance payment - packing - delivery - customer receiving - after service.


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