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Online weighing machine adopts imported electrical components and has IP66 waterproof performance.

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Online weighing machine online weighing machine is our main product, professional R & D and sales for many years, the sales of online weighing machines all over the country, users praise constantly, in addition, our company also operates axle weight scales, electronic scales, electronic crane scales , electronic balances, cylinder scales, forklift electronic scales, counting electronic scales, weighing instruments, weighing sensors, junction boxes, etc., welcome users who need to come to our company to buy.

Introduction to online weighing machine:

This series of models is mainly used for online dynamic weighing of packaging products passing through the automated packaging line. It can detect unqualified products in continuous working process, and can automatically classify and count products automatically. Feedback correction, product parts are easy to disassemble and wash with water, using imported electrical components, with IP66 waterproof performance. The operation surface is displayed by touch screen, which can store parameters of different weight specifications of more than 10 kinds of materials, which is convenient for operation.

Main configuration of online weighing machine:

Dual-core ARM11 high-speed high-performance microcontroller, high speed and high precision

10-inch color touch screen, friendly interface, easy to operate, built-in FIVDSP high-speed sampling chip, avionics, weighing sensor, imported speed motor and governor, one hundred thousand, ultra-high precision, Italian food grade conveyor belt, optional hard oxidized aluminum alloy belt Roller stainless steel tray, long-wearing and unique weighing mechanism design, to ensure accurate and reliable weighing and software own intellectual property rights, technical innovation wins the advantages of online weighing machine features:

Digital signal processing uses multiple digital technologies such as DSP and DDS to process the detection signal. Compared with traditional analog detectors, it has more comprehensive functions, more stable performance and more reliable use.

All metal detection can detect all metal foreign objects such as iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, lead, etc., and can also detect some conductive non-metallic foreign objects;

Effectively suppress product interference When the ordinary analog detector detects products containing water, blood, salt, sugar, etc., it cannot eliminate the interference of “product effect”, which directly leads to the decrease or disappearance of detection accuracy; we adopt 0-360 degree free phase adjustment technology. , can effectively suppress the "product effect";

The balanced coil uses Closed Coil Syste m to completely eliminate the detection dead zone and detect metal foreign objects at any position within the detection window;

User-friendly operation dialogue type LCD display system, through the key control interface, parameter setting can be conveniently and quickly;

“Self-learning” can automatically set the detection parameters of the specified products by automatically analyzing the signal characteristics of the product, simplifying the parameter setting process;

Mass storage can store test parameters for more than 100 products, making it easy to change test products at any time.


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