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New metal detectors are efficient and environmentally friendly

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Shanghai Juzhao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has special insights into the efficiency and environmental protection of new metal detectors.
The process of soft polyvinyl chloride film: firstly, according to the formula, the material grease and the auxiliary agent are inserted into the high-speed assimilation machine (or the pipe kneader) to be assimilated, and the assimilated material is sent to the mixer to pre-predetermine. After plasticization, it is sent to an extruder (or a plasticizer) for plasticization and plasticization. The plasticized material is sent to a calender for calendering through a metal detector. The entry of the pre-numbered scale is the point of the point. Table 2 Risk Assessment Table 11 Critical Limits critical iimit(cl) distinguishes between cut-off values that can be accepted and not accepted.Can be used to measure transmission equipment, power lines, microwave Baidu search order number to find low-cost furnace, cool air, refrigerator, computer screen, audio and video equipment, etc. 
Information from Run Network: wenku.runlian365 Check the low price, please log in "Run Network" food safe metal detector and grain moisture meter price problem: hand-held food safety detector and grain online moisture meter manufacturers: Run network price market price sk- 100 food moisture analyzer (portable moisture measurement 1740 yuan - 2465 yuan meter) sk-100 together to measure the moisture of various foods, the measurement scale is 0 ~
For metal impurities in physical risk, the metal detector's control parameters are fe: particle size ≤ 511lm (tested via process module). In addition, the digital control allows the control parameters to be stored, and the instrument can be automatically adjusted from the beginning according to the stored parameters, thereby facilitating the repeated reproduction of the detection process. The digitization of the detection waveform enables the instrument to further supply the recording and storage of the waveform, and the automatic calculation and display of the waveform parameters. Additional functions such as wave height, distance, automatic generation of distance volatility curves, automatic adjustment of time-baseline ratio, and spectrum profiling.
Portable water quality heavy metal detector function features: Huanbao portable water quality heavy metal detector based on the scale of the body approved by the authority - anodic dissolution method, this system with its very low cost and high activity characteristics, the current generation in Europe and America The atomic-receptor receptors are used in emergency monitoring, tap water testing, electroplating and general-purpose treatment of industrial wastewater, food, pharmaceutical, and hospital wastewater monitoring. We focus on the automation of loading and palletizing equipment, there are three major manufacturers.


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