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New core advantages to the enterprise

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-12      Origin:Site

According to the mid-year report released by Chutian Technology, the overall solution of lyophilized preparation production, pharmaceutical water equipment and engineering system integration constitute the main business, the former accounted for 60.11% of the income, while the latter accounted for 39.89%. The intelligent hybrid bale production automatic line and medicinal packaging materials of Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery brought 57.59% and 42.41% of the income to the enterprise respectively.

Some experts have analyzed that both companies have core business and bring high profits. Taking Qianshan Medicine Machine as an example, during the reporting period, Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery focused on the progress of “slow disease precision management project”, “smart watch and dynamic sphygmomanometer project”, and the subsidiary application qualification work made great progress. At present, the supporting work of Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery is constantly improving, forming a new competitive advantage, which further enhances the company's core competitiveness and ability to resist risks, thereby maintaining the performance growth trend in the market.

At present, the competition in the pharmaceutical industry is fierce. There are strong attacks from local pharmaceutical companies. The international companies are approaching step by step. In order to "freely breathe" inside and outside, pharmaceutical companies have to find new breakthroughs. The unchanging production and business model can no longer stand in the market of seeking new and different. Only the innovative technology, innovative equipment and innovative model can bring new core advantages to the enterprise.

In the environment of survival of the fittest and survival of the fittest, companies with performance growth and, of course, companies with declining performance. Dongfulong, Canaan Pharmaceuticals and Xinhua Medical’s mid-year report all showed a decline in net profit. Some people may express doubts that the current demand for the pharmaceutical market is strong, and the scale of the pharmaceutical market is even more than one trillion yuan. Why is the performance of leading pharmaceutical companies showing a decline?

Excluding the reasons of the company itself, some industry insiders pointed out that “the deeper reason is that domestic pharmaceutical companies need to complete GMP certification in December 2015, forcing pharmaceutical companies to invest in large-scale equipment at this stage. With the deadline for certification, enterprises are here. The power of investment has dropped dramatically, and companies selling equipment are naturally in trouble."


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