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Needle detector sensitivity / maintenance skills

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Needle detector sensitivity / maintenance skills

The needle detector is often used in plush toys, and the manufacturer of the clothes performs needle break detection when producing goods. It receives and processes signals through the upper and lower probes, and is sensed by a strong magnetic field, and then has a strong electric integrated block, a signal receiving integrated block, and a signal output integrated block to complete the detecting work.

When the product passing through the needle detector has broken needles or substances such as iron metal, the needle detector is not allowed to pass. When the iron-containing metal is detected, the needle detector will automatically alarm and the conveyor belt will be reversed to discharge the goods. The original position; from the position of the inspector according to the broken needle signal indicator, can quickly find the location of the broken needle.

If the metal is not detected, it can pass through the needle detector channel. According to the regulations for the detection of broken needles in exporting textiles, the products that have passed the needle-detection inspection by needle detectors can be exported.

Qualified needle detector suppliers will be equipped with a standard test card for needle detectors when you purchase the needle detector. These test cards are card-shaped. Each card is accompanied by a small standard size small iron bead for measurement. A reference standard for needle detector sensitivity.

These needle tester standard test cards usually have a size of 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm. The sensitivity of the needle detector is such that the smaller the metal particles can be detected, the higher the sensitivity.

Generally, it depends on the height of the needle detector channel you purchased to determine the needle detector test card with those specifications. Before each needle detector operation, you need to use these needle detector test cards to test the needle detector and confirm the needle detector. The needle detector operation is only possible when it is in a normal state.

1. Cleaning utensils: Find a clean towel, damp the water and wring it out until it can't be screwed out. 
2. Cleaning the surface of the conveyor belt: Note that the sensitivity of the needle detector should be adjusted to the lowest level before cleaning. If the needle detector has B/C mode, please adjust the needle detector to C mode to avoid the sensitivity being too high. Cleaning work. Then straighten the towel and press it on the surface of the conveyor belt, open the actuator, and let the device run for more than five times (the purpose is to clean the surface of the conveyor belt, the method can be used flexibly), then wash the towel Dry, repeat this step again to wipe the conveyor belt until there is no obvious contaminant on the surface of the conveyor belt; 
3. Clean the back of the conveyor belt: Then wash and wring the towel, pass the towel from the bottom of the conveyor to the bottom of the conveyor belt, straighten the towel, and draw the towel to the front of the conveyor table, grasp the two ends of the towel, and open the actuator. Run for several weeks. Since the bottom of the conveyor belt is the dirtiest place, multiple wipes are required. After each operation for several weeks, the towel should be washed out and the above steps repeated. 
4. How to judge the cleaning effect: After the above two cleaning steps, the needle detector conveyor belt adjusts the sensitivity to 8 or the highest sensitivity, and the actuator is operated to make the device run smoothly, and the probe metal position display lamp When it is not bright, at this time, the clothes without any metal impurities can be passed through the needle detector channel, that is, the conveyor belt is cleaned successfully!


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