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Needle detector inspection principle and components

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The needle detector is mainly used to check whether iron filings such as needles are mixed into the product and whether the product is put into inspection. While checking whether the product has iron filings, it is also possible to accurately record the quantity of the product. The detection principle is to work instantly on the cutting of the optical inductor. The optical inductance is mounted on the two sides of the conveyor belt, and the height is about 8mm. If the product is lower than the position of the optical inductor, the thin product is in the optical inductor beam. The following is passed, the machine does not think that there is a product to pass, the needle-injection operation can not be carried out, even if iron scraps with a thickness of about 5 mm are placed on the conveyor belt, the machine can not be inspected, and the product has a certain thickness, the iron filings Wherever the position is, the optical inductance can inspect the product and the needle-punching operation can be performed.

The components of the needle detector:

a. Detection sensor (probe): It consists of the upper detection sensor and the lower detection sensor (position under the conveyor belt), which can form the detection height of different specifications. 

Principle: Magnetic sensitive signal, referred to as magnetic cutting line 

b. Circuit control system: signal amplifying circuit and signal loop alarm system, power protection circuit consists of three parts 

Principle: Through the signal amplification, the iron foreign body is more agilely captured. When the iron foreign object hits the normal magnetic cutting line, the magnetic cutting line is twisted and deformed. At this time, the circuit output trigger signal forms an alarm circuit, which is ideal for detecting the alarm. effect 

c. Motor: Gear reduction single-phase capacitor rotating motor Principle: Gear ratio rotation, reduce load and extend life. 

d. Conveyor belt: The role of the conveyor belt is to transport the items to be inspected through the inspection tool to detect the stepping tool. Therefore, special anti-static nylon is used. The warp and weft are woven into a mesh cloth, and the surface is bonded with special rubber. The conveyor belt does not contain a little iron and metal components to ensure that no alarm is detected when the sensor is detected. 

e. Rack: The frame made of steel plate has the function of the bridge of the whole needle detector. It is the primary frame of the multi-function structure of the needle detector, which makes it more stable and electrostatically sprayed. It is both beautiful and prolonged. Service life. 

f. Wing shell: It not only has the appearance decoration, but also adopts aluminum plate in the early stage. It plays a certain signal shielding role compared with the iron plate. Because the aluminum plate shell is handmade, it is suitable for manufacturers with small production capacity or customized non-standard. Machines, powerful manufacturers use self-opening engineering hard plastic casing. 

g. Transmission shaft: The four transmission shafts with the stainless steel tube combined with the plane bearing as the rolling structure make the transmission concentricity ensure the smooth lubrication of the transmission, low noise, low heat and long service life. 

Photoelectric Infrared Beam Transmitter - A bunch of invisible infrared rays are emitted during operation. When the object passes, the infrared intercepts and transmits a signal to the recorder, and finally the qualified items are counted. 

Fixed feet: Each machine has 4 fixed feet, which are stable and firm when the machine is installed, until the machine does not shake. 

Control panel: used to control machine operation and sensitivity debugging, display counting and other functions. 


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