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needle belt


Metal Detector Test Balls Calibration Procedure


1. Fully new design concept, luxury, and beauty, pipeline ABS shell.

2. Have the exact location indicator of the broken needles (eight areas)

3. This machine has the function of counting the qualified number of detected objects.

4. This machine can be used for detecting of ultra-thin objects and thick objects.

5. This machine has a device to prevent belt in deviate.

6. This machine has an automatic startup function.

7. This machine has an environmental protection design that automatic power off after the machine Idling 10 minutes to saving power.

8. The newly developed microcomputer touch control panel is equipped. In this machine.

Application areas of needle inspection machine 

1 Clothing (women's, men's, student uniforms, overalls, etc.)

2 Baby products, knitwear, underwear, etc.

3 Hardware buttons, zippers, and other clothing handbags accessories

4 Socks, fabric, non-woven fabrics, embroideries, kimono

5 Bedding (blankets, duvets, bedding, quilt, pillow, pillowcase, etc.)

6 Towels, bath towels, carpets, gloves, toys, crafts detect the ferromagnetic metal impurities detected industry.

Needle Detector Machine application

Production Process                                                                                                          

Needle Detector Machine Process

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Needle Detector Machine package


Q: Customer first

A: we produce customerzied made machine, offer efficient before and after sale service all as per customer requirement.

Q: Dedicated service

A: Regarding after service ,we guarantee fast email response within 1 hour and ensure positive and effective trouble shooting solution within 4 hours for machine problem in the working day.


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