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Metal Testing Equipment for The Food Industry

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In modern enterprises, many companies use metal detection equipment in the product processing process to detect metal foreign objects in the product and remove products containing metal foreign objects to ensure that qualified products are distributed on the market. This is a metal detection equipment. In the industry, today we will briefly introduce the use of metal detection equipment.

The metal detection equipment we generally use is mainly used for the detection of heavy metal content in food, water, soil, aquatic products, etc. It is easy to operate, easy and fast and accurate. The equipment is electrochemical, mercury-free electrode, safe and environmentally friendly.

It can detect heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury, and arsenic, and can meet the needs of other heavy metal detection. The metal detection equipment can be used for indoor testing, and can also be used for outdoor testing. The machine has long service life, low cost, relatively low power consumption, precise operation, and convenient operation.

Basic features of metal detection equipment:

1. Strong anti-interference ability and high detection sensitivity.

2. The working electrode uses a long-life mercury-free electrode, which is safe and environmentally friendly, and has a long service life.

3. Safe and simple in the process of testing products, it can process lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic and other metals at one time.

4, rapid detection, short detection time, short preparation time before testing.

5, high-definition touch screen, easy to operate, easy to understand.

6, intelligent management system, automated operation.

7, low cost of use, low consumption, easy to use, can be used for indoor and outdoor testing.

8, can be used with other machines.

This is the specific details of our new metal testing equipment. It is suitable for product testing in various industries. It does not mix metal foreign objects in the production process of the products, so that qualified products can be circulated in the market to ensure product quality.


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