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metal ditektor


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Main Features                                                                                                           

1) Double-channel signal detection circuit is used to combine technology with high sensitivity and high anti-interference ability.

2) Dual signal display function. When metal is passed, the metal detector signal level indicates that the lamp will show different sensing strength depending on the size of the metal.

3)Signal processing is completed by a digital circuit, easy to adjust, stable and reliable.

4) With product effect regulating function, such as wet products, sugary products, food, containing salt will produce similar metal to metal detector signal, the effect will influence the effect of detection, which functions to reduce product effect, achieve better detection result.

5) It has an anti-leak detection function. When multiple metal signals are passed, the metal detector will automatically detect the number of signals, and the actuator will not miss any of the actions.

6) When an object is not detected, the instrument is in a state of sleep, and only the object is passed.

7) It can be connected with the assembly line and implement automatic pipeline inspection.

8) The metal detector USES the sound and light alarm, and automatically excludes or stops, the operation is very convenient reliable

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Q: Are you provide product metal parts and provide us technical guidance?

A: Wearing parts, for example, motor belt, Disassembly tool(free) are what we could provide. And we can give you technical guidance. Our technical staff can go abroad to provide you with technical guidance.

Q: How about the quality of the product?

A: Our products apply to ISO, ASTM, GB, etc

Q: Does it easy to operate and what can I do if it doesn't work?

A: First, our machine is stable and easy to operate, what you need to do is just learn some basic skills like how to operate PLC. We will send you manual and video, we suggest you to come to visit our factory to learn more thing by yourself, and if there is something goes wrong, you can call us, video-chat or email us. We will fix problems within 24 hrs. 


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