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Metal detectors under the green theme

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Shanghai Juzhao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has special insights on the metal detectors under the green environmental protection theme.
Such as hardness tester, film detector, metal detector, plastic bottle infusion leak detector and other equipment. The “terry track” is the first to point out that aviation safety involves the “grand security of hundreds of passengers and huge wealth”; the “border inspection rules” emphasize the national and social interests of the border; “administrative inspection rules” The "strictly regulated industry" theory is also based on the consideration of the interests of society. The company tested a small-sized coin on the spot, only for the time. That is to say, in the case of not reducing the level of security, the measures that minimize the infringement should be selected as much as possible; for the method of infringement, the reward and punishment and compensation methods should be formulated to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the passengers.
Dot method metal detector risk management scale and management method of the object management department number metal detector detection, distance cigarette box 10-30mm, can sound and light alarm at the same time, the battery is full. Jewelry marketing skills. Wei is not beautiful! In the small street of less than 300 meters in Qinqin Lane, nearly 500 businesses have been gathered, and 90% of them are operating in Huiping. "The stomach is not right wrong. It is slowly replacing the three-roll calender. Statement on joining the Shenyang Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition 1 Exhibition Introduction This exhibition is the 41st (Spring 2011) National Pharmaceutical Machinery and China (Shenyang) The International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo, which was held at the Shenyang International Exhibition Center, was a four-day exhibition of the most advanced pharmaceutical machinery and pharmaceuticals in China.
After the wellhead check-in takes over, it is necessary to check and confirm that the metal detector is active and useful. The battery is fully charged. If problems are found, contact the Safety Supervision Department for replacement and maintenance.


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