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Metal detectors to benchmark high-end power

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Shanghai Juzhao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has special insights on metal detectors to benchmark high-end power
The instrument is a perfect combination of mature x-ray fluorescence analysis technology and food heavy metal detection for food heavy metal detectors, suitable for rapid detection of heavy metals in wheat, corn, tea, vegetables and other samples. Pulling straps at the waist and hem: When the garment is flattened to the maximum width, the length of the drawstring exposed ropeway should not be crossed at every location. 1 The pre-cooled product is stored for 2 days on the premise of 0-4 °C, and is transferred to the frozen product after the overdue period. "In the past, all the fakes were classified on the grades of raw materials. For example, the Chinese herbal medicines of the second-class goods were sold as first-class goods, but at the moment, in the processing of Chinese medicine cultivation and decoction pieces, waste operations, shoddy, and false Everywhere, the rider is forbidden to stand in the train and play during the ride. Put the food package to be tested on the front of the conveyor belt.
In the mid-1990s, which was not far away, the price of Cordyceps terminal rose to 2,000 yuan a kilogram. At the moment, high profits have prompted Cordyceps fraud and counterfeiting to become wealth. Do you know? The market sales performance of Cordyceps heavy metal detectors is good. Pressing the 捺 knob causes a small noise signal to be displayed on the display. Short-sleeve garments with sleeves longer than the elbows. When the sleeves are naturally opened to the maximum size and laid flat, the length of the straps of the children's clothing sleeves should not span.
Infant and children's clothing products should be tested on the front and back sides of the package after passing through the needle detector (metal detector). The workshop has documentation and reference samples to ensure that the incoming material 1 has a written invoice and picking list; 2 The “receipt of receipts and receipts” is not established.



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