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Metal detector working principle and classification

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With the waste oil, poisonous kidney beans, poisonous leek ... foods to eat iron wire, screws ... food safety incidents emerge one after another, how to detect the metal mixed into the product? Metal detectors can solve this problem. As our food safety becomes more and more serious, almost all large food manufacturers have installed metal detectors because some metal impurities may enter our food during our food production. The detection of foods to measure whether the metal of the product exceeds the standard is the machine used by many enterprises to test products.

The metal detector uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to generate a rapidly changing magnetic field using a coil that has an alternating current. This magnetic field can induce eddy currents inside metal objects. The eddy current will generate a magnetic field, which in turn affects the original magnetic field, causing the detector to beep.

Divided by the function of the metal detector:

1) All metal detector: It can detect all metals such as iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminum. The detection accuracy and sensitivity are relatively high. Such metal detectors are commonly used in industries such as food daily chemicals to detect metal foreign bodies, and food and other industries have strict restrictions on metal foreign bodies. Therefore, the sensitivity of such metal detectors is extremely high.

2) Iron metal detector: It is a magnetic induction metal detector. As the name suggests, this metal detector can only detect iron, cobalt, nickel and other magnetic metals, commonly known as needle detectors. The detection accuracy and sensitivity of the iron are high, and the non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum with high purity are not detected. Therefore, the metal detector is often used for the inspection of metal accessories (copper buttons, copper zippers). Usually called "needle detector", "needle detector" and "needle machine", the metal detector of this principle has been in production for nearly 20 years in China.

At present, most manufacturers can make products that have stable performance and Japanese brands. With the gradual progress of production technology and technology, the production of metal detectors is becoming more and more advanced, and the detection of metal content is becoming more and more precise.


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