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Metal detector with high sensitivity and high anti-interference ability

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Metal detector product features 

1. The metal detector adopts dual signal detection circuit combined technology iron and non-iron separate detection, with high sensitivity and high anti-interference ability. 

2. The metal detector adopts large-screen liquid crystal display touch and DSP digital processing technology to make the detected signal more stable and higher sensitivity. 

3. The metal detector conveyor belt is imported from Germany, and the drum and pallet are in compliance with the US “FDA” standard white non-toxic material standard. 

4. The detection accuracy of the metal detector exceeds the corresponding detection index specified by the HACCP system. 

5. When the metal detector passes multiple metal signals, the instrument will automatically detect the number of signals, and the actuator will not miss the action. 

6. The metal detector can be connected with a variety of machines to implement automatic detection of running water, and the rejecting device can be used to screen out defective products. 

Metal detector detection operation flow 

1. Ensure that the metal detector is installed smoothly and reliably. 

2. Make sure there are no metal objects near the probe and there are no debris above the probe. 

3. Make sure there are no debris in the detection hole. 

4. Ensure that the power cord is in good contact and well grounded. 

5. Make sure there are no sources of interference around the device. 

6. Turn on the main power switch. At this time, the machine starts automatic balance calibration and self-test. The two rows of indicators light up, then gradually turn off, and the running status light is on. 

7. When no more than 2-3 green lights are flashing on the signal indicators of the two channels, the detection can be started. 

8. Select the product serial number. 

9. Press the “Start” button and the conveyor will start running. Place the test block on the belt to check the sensitivity and confirm that the machine is running well. 

10. The product to be tested is lightly placed on a conveyor belt for testing. 

11. Confirm the detection sensitivity again to ensure that the actual detection sensitivity can meet the actual needs. 

12. Start running water detection. 

Use of metal detectors 

Different metal detectors can detect all kinds of metal impurities in different materials, but in general, the sensitivity of the metal detector will decrease as the magnet's magnetic properties weaken, so the equipment has a short service life and only the iron metal can be detected. The market is facing a phase of elimination. Many of the medicines produced in the factory are packaged in aluminum film or aluminum-platinum, and can only be detected by aluminum foil metal detectors. The detector is the origin of the metal detectors that can be seen on the Internet at the end of the 20th century. Most of them are small-scale enterprises mainly based on trade. These enterprises mainly carry out business by means of network marketing, reminding metal detector purchasers not to be metal. The enthusiasm of the detector seller has forgotten the direction. 

In addition to the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer, the metal detector circuit has no adjustment part, and the circuit can work normally as long as the welding is correct. When the whole machine is static, that is, when the speaker does not sound, the total current is about 10mA, and the metal speaker is detected to make a sound. If it does not work properly, first check whether the components on the board and the wiring are soldered incorrectly, and then measure the battery voltage and the power supply circuit. Do not weld the primary and secondary ends of the oscillating coil in the disc. Before using the metal detector, you need to adjust the length of the probe. Just loosen the black rubber, push and pull the rubber sleeve to the appropriate length, and then rotate the inner tube of the glue to tighten the cable and make the tip of the handle face up. Finally, the vinyl glue is screwed tightly to lock the glue through sleeve. In this way, when holding the detector handle, the thumb is just right next to the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer. When adjusting the sensitivity of the metal detector, the detection disc should be away from the metal, including the paper with aluminum foil, then turn the sensitivity fine adjustment potentiometer knob to turn on the power switch, and rotate it to half position, then adjust the coarse potentiometer knob to make the speaker audio The sound stops, and finally fine-tunes the fine-tuning potentiometer so that the speaker sound just stops, and the metal detector has the highest sensitivity. When detecting metal with a metal detector, the speaker will make a sound as long as the detection disc is close to any metal, and the sound will stop automatically when it is far away from a certain position. 


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