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Metal detector basic information and product advantages

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Food metal detector

Food, test food, bread, buns, steamed buns, dumplings, biscuits and other products in the metal impurities and metal foreign bodies and drugs, toys, clothing, footwear, chemicals, leather, knitting and other industries testing products or raw materials mixed in the production process Metal impurities. Such as: iron and non-ferromagnetic metal items (iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals can be detected), improve product safety factor and improve the quality of enterprise products.

Metal detector product advantages

Metal detectors can identify a variety of magnetic and non-magnetic metals (such as iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminum), even if the metal is embedded in the product can be identified; the use of dual balanced coil signal detection circuit combination technology, with high sensitivity and High anti-interference ability; with dual signal display function. When a metal object passes, the signal level indicator will display different induction strength according to the size of the metal; with product effect adjustment function, such as a wet product, it will produce a metal-like signal to the metal detector, which will affect the detection. The effect is to reduce the product effect by this function and achieve better detection effect; it has the function of preventing leakage detection. When there are multiple metal signals passing, the instrument will automatically detect the number of signals, the actuator will not miss the product when it is moving; the detection system uses ADLINE micro-processing controller; the conveyor is fully welded, high-strength stainless steel structure, joint PU (polyurethane) Conveyor belt; special transmission mechanism design maximizes metal detection sensitivity; modular design can be customized according to different requirements; mirror stainless steel, open transmission system, easy to clean; can be used in conjunction with the production line to implement automatic detection of the assembly line. 



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