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You are here: Home / News / Industrial News / Metal detection equipment using a reagent should pay attention to the four core issues

Metal detection equipment using a reagent should pay attention to the four core issues

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First, the reagent bottle should be labeled to indicate the name of the agent, concentration, date of preparation, and the label on the outside with a thin coating of wax. At work we need to protect the reagent bottle label, to make it intact, if once lost, should be subsidized;

When dispensing reagents, solid reagent should be installed in readily accessible jar, liquid reagent should be taken down easily accommodated in small jars or dropper bottle, see light easily decomposed agents such as silver nitrate and the like should be installed brown reagent bottle and stored in the dark; bloom alkaline reagent bottle to use a rubber stopper; familiar with common metal element analyzer chemical nature of the reagents, such as the commercially available acid concentration, solubility of reagents, organic solvents boiling point, toxic reagents and chemical properties.

Second, access to the former agent, should read the label. When the access, if the cork top is flat. Reversal of the stage can be cork, cork top if not flat, usable index and middle fingers holding the cork or on a clean dry surface dish, it is strictly prohibited cork tapped in the analysis stage; solid reagent the application of clean spatula access, if caking agent, available clean, dry glass rod or a dedicated crude stainless steel spatula to mash and then take. After removing the reagents should immediately cork tightly to prevent the mistake cork, pollution reagents. Used spatula and the glass rod must be promptly cleaned.

Third, the general solid reagent may be in a clean glossy paper weighing, corrosive, strong oxidizing or deliquescent solid reagent containers should be weighed in the work, it must not be used to weigh the filter paper. If you take too much time weighing the amount, should take more drugs pour in the specified container, for others to use, reagent bottles must not fall back; when laboratory for liquid reagents with a graduated cylinder, left hand holding cylinder applications, to bottle thumb indicating desired level of volume, right hand holding a reagent bottle, pay attention to the reagent bottle encounter within the cylinder, so that drips along the outer wall of the reagent bottle shed. Then erected reagent bottles, cork tightly back in place, label outwards. Line of sight with the surface should be at the same level when reading the scale, as if careful pouring too much liquid reagent, or can only be discarded into the designated container for others to use.


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