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luggage weight scale target


Online Floor Scale Checkweigher Conveyor


1, Weighing and sorting technology

2, accurate product sorting function: advanced digital weighing unit and zero-point automatic analysis, provide production trend feedback signal, adjust the packaging accuracy of the upstream packaging machine, reduce costs.

3, powerful data traceability: unqualified product query printing, sorting process can generate statistical charts such as histogram, output map, built-in data transmission system, easy to produce control.

4. Comprehensive operation yield first: Weighing detection and sorting action flexibility is leading in the industry, stable operation, with power-off data storage and fault self-test alarm function.

5, User-friendly design and easy to operate: Touch screen operation interface, can pre-store 50 varieties, flexible switching, to achieve non-stop switching products; modular design, conveyor belt with buckle design, maintenance and cleaning is extremely convenient.

7. The leading shunt rejection device in China prevents the product from falling down during the sorting process and spills the material to ensure the integrity of the test object.

8, deep development and customization, supporting integration capabilities: can meet various products, different environmental requirements to customize all kinds of applicable programs, perfect docking metal detectors, packaging machines, and other equipment.


To help our customers to realize the automated production and management, and we continuously provided customers with effective solutions for reducing cost and improving market competitiveness. Use for food & beverage, poultry & meat, seafood & fishery industries, daily necessities, and hardware industries.

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Q: What is the delivery time?

A: Within 15 days after receipt of your deposit.

Q: What are your company requests for payment terms?

A: TT, L/C, International Credit Card.

Q: What’s your main product?

A: We professional in needle detector. Metal detector. and other related electronic products and machines.

Q: Honest business

A: We adhere to principles of safe transaction and honest business , never exaggerate machine function, timely deliver and ship machine as per customer request.


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