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Laundry Conveyor Belt


Laundry Conveyor Belt


High-sensitive LCD display needle detector is mainly used for toys, clothing, clothing, zippers, metal buttons, footwear, chemicals, leather, knitting and other industries which need to detect ferromagnetic metal impurities detection, detecting inclusions or lost things in raw materials or products like broken needles, wire and other ferromagnetic non-ferrous metals, to avoid bringing direct or indirect losses to the consumer or production enterprises. It is necessary for testing equipment of the exporting products, which can also be used for food processing enterprises that need to exclude aluminum foil packaging and only detect ferromagnetic metal.

Needle Detector Machine application

Advanced features                                                

1. Using the US microcomputer chip digital signal, the signal can be analyzed on each channel to improve the reliability of the test.

2. Special sensors design of detect parts, which greatly improves the instrument's sensitivity and anti-jamming capability, breaking the limit of environmental influences.

3. The original magnetic field equalization sensing design, more suitable for different customer. Especially for the detection of clothing accessories.

4. All-Chinese display, membrane switch, increasing the goodwill of the human-computer interaction.

5. User-friendly design concept, a powerful function and the ease of operation reach perfect combination.

6. The intelligent location display system can accurately display the location of the measured object.

7. Intelligent counting system accurately counts for qualified and unqualified products.

8. Unique safety lock device, which can lock the sensitivity, and is easy to manage.

9. Digital sensitivity adjustment, electrical level displays interference and iron content.

10. With automatic control of the light switch and automatic shutdown function.

Production Process                                               

Needle Detector Machine Process

If you meet problem during testing,

we promise we will give you a reply within 48 hours and solution provide within 3 working days.

1.Within 12 months from the date of assembly and acceptance,but not exceeding 15 months from the date of shipment. During this period, we will use phone and internet to provide the users with a comprehensive after-sale advisory service.

2.We provide life-long warranty service of machine for users with cost.

If machine failure caused by our side, you can send back the spare parts to us with cost by our side.

If our technician or engineer invited to customer side for training, Customer should pay ticket ,accommodation and service charge.

3.Extra warranty period: we will can user with after-sales advisory service.

4.Our corporation has spare parts that can be provided for the users with cost.

5.We provide users with after-sales value-added technical service by preferential price for life, such as technical upgrades and retrofit.

Our Certificate                                                 

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Needle Detector Machine package


Q: Are you manufacturer or trader? Where are your factory located?

A: We are manufacturer and our factory located in Shanghai,China.

Q: What's your main product where is your main foreign market?And do you have your own design team?

A: Our main products are checkweigher ,metal detector and needle detector.

Our main foreign market in Asia, North America, Europe, Africa.And we have our own design team to design our own products.

Q: What's your strong points?And how can i confirm the quality of your product?

A: Highest precision of our products can achieve±0.05g and the highest speed can achieve 300pcs/min.Our electronic parts of equipment all adopt international famous brand. The quality of our product is stable and reliable.

Q: What are your terms of payment?

A: TT,L/C,Western Union,Money Gram,Paypal,International Credit Card.

Q: What kind of Transportation do you have?And are you able to update the production process?

A: Ocean freight, air freight, and international express. And after your order ,we will shipping it as soon as possible and each step of procedure i will give you pictures or necessary information.


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