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Introduction to online weighing machine and precautions before use

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Introduction to online weighing machine and precautions before use

The online weighing machine performs weighing detection on the finished product by high-speed dynamic weight reading. The system automatically detects whether the weight of the product is qualified according to the set target weight value, whether the quantity of the product in the package is missing, whether the manual or the accessory is missing or multi-loaded, etc., and the system of the non-conforming product will automatically issue an alarm or according to The weight is automatically graded, and it can also be used in conjunction with the subsequent assembly line to automatically remove the chain action of defective products.

The test object is weighed and tested by the checkweigher, and is returned to the original conveyor belt after passing the test. If it is unqualified, it is rejected (or alarmed), and has functions such as automatic classification and statistics of the product; the entire test is performed on the original packaging line. There has been no major change in the workflow.

It can save manpower, improve efficiency, achieve the purpose of controlling product quality, and improve customer satisfaction. It is the best quality inspection equipment for automatic production lines and packaging lines. 


1. With or without contact parts: Confirm that the front and rear conveyor belts are not in contact.

2. Set parameters: Check if the standard value, upper limit, and lower limit are set correctly.

3. Measurement accuracy: The same measurement product is transferred from the auxiliary conveyor belt 30 times or more, and it is confirmed whether the fluctuation is large.

4. Confirmation of the detection range: Only the main product is delivered, and then the test piece is taken on the main product upload to confirm "no detection" or "detection".

5. Eliminate the action and confirm that the normal, overweight, and light goods are correctly removed. 



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