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inline checkweigher


Industrial Produce Check Weigher Machine


Check Weigher is a kind of high speed and precision online weight inspection equipment; It's mainly used for various automatic assembly line and logistical conveyor system to check low or high weight deviation of the on-line products, then to sort them. And it works with all kinds of packaging production line and conveying system. It's applied to online detection of pharmaceutical, food, toys, hard-ware and chemical industry. In addition, it also can directly replace artificial weighing to improve production efficiently and keep consistency and reliability.

check weigher application

1) The open stainless steel framework provides easy access for thorough cleaning. No need tools to remove the conveyor, simplifying clean-up procedures and reducing clean-up time.

2) The memory card can store up to 50 operating parameters to minimize operator errors and reduce production downtime during changeovers.

3) Bright and clearly touch screen text promotes error-free production control for maximum weighing performance.

4) Integration with upstream and downstream equipment centralizes the management of system data to optimize the productivity of the line.

5) Corrective control signals from the check weigher to the upstream auger filler increase productivity.

6) Check weigher/metal detector combination units provide additional quality control in one space-saving system.

Production Process:

check weigher process

Our Certificite:

check weigher manufactureCE证书1check weighre product


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Q: Quality:

A: We offer good quality machinery and it mainly shows in three aspects: (a) Working Life: about 7-8 years;(b) Good Stability: stability is the basic and most important performance of machinery; (c) Lower Expenditure of machinery daily maintenance. (d) All the machines before delivery, our QC will inspect it carefully to ensure good quality.

Q: How is installation and machine adjustment?

A: Installation is not included in the quotation. But installation instruction or video will be provided by us. And if need our engineer going, the round- ticket, eating and hotel is paid by buyer. And it is USD 80 per day for technical service.


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