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inline check weighing systems


Automatic Industrial Weighing Systems


- Several check weighers can be used in a communication and combined manner, to realize online working of multiple check weighers and meet users' requirement of net weight detection of packaged objects;

- Visual display of a graphical interface for user-friendly operation

- Rich data statistics, facilitating users to find problems in the technological process

- Considerate data analysis, facilitating users to improve the packaging and filling technological processes

check weigher application


1) Imported high-accuracy Load Cell and Low-noise amplifier for ultra-high detection accuracy.

2) The intelligent software algorithms.

3) Can change the product very fast and self-adjust the corresponding sorting speed automatically.

4) Weight tracking and automatic compensation technology to effectively improve the detection of stability

5) Based on the full touch screen friendly user interface, easy to operate;

6) 50 product presets, easy to edit and switching

7) With high capacity weighing logging feature, quickly find and output data with Excel format.

8) 304 stainless steel frame, special device to avoid Conveyor belt sliding.

Production Process:                                                                                                              

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Q: How to choose a suitable machine?

A: Considering that machinery is different base on different customer's requirement, we advise you to discuss with our sales engineer firstly, then confirm the order. Our engineer will advise you a suitable machine for your application to avoid wrong machine ordered. If the current machine cannot meet your requirements, we will custom made a machine for your application.

Q: Price

A: Our machine prices are based on reasonable prices; because we should ensure the machine has good quality firstly, so machine parts used are also should be good quality and also very different costs on design 8manufacture costs.

Q: Where is your main sales market?

A: Our Gold meal detectors customer all over the world. Our hand metal detector and walk through metal detector mainly in Southeast of Asia. South of America.The Middle East. East Europe and Africa Our needle and food metal detector mainly customers are from Australia. The USA. All Europe and Asia.


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