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How to Treat and Understand The Radiation of X-Ray Detector Correctly

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The lead screen of X-ray detector is a kind of lead screen with high content of lead and can be cleaned and decontaminated. Lead curtain including lining and airtight inner package layer, the inner layer is made up of pure lead filaments evenly weaving and forging, parcel layer of thermoplastic polyurethane composite nylon fabric, relatively high lead content, while still have good prolapse softness, and anti-aging in structure adopted, tearing resistance, waterproof prevent oil, flame retardant materials lead to realize completely sealed. For airports, subway stations and other public luggage inspection using the X-ray security checkpoint AnJianJi luggage inward and outward radiation, most easily especially for the station, the airport using X-ray tester with the doctrine, every piece of the gaps between the lead shade with every piece of shade is very small, when open the ray, there will be no radiation leaks outside, in turn at the same time, as long as you don't put your head, hands and head into it, no harm to human body. The above test is when the machine is working, when there is no luggage through the security check machine, the security check machine is no radiation. Radiation shielding lead screens are used in and out of baggage screening machines. We believe that as long as the passengers use as required, through the X-ray baggage security inspection machine, is also harmless to the human body!



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