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How the needle detector works

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The working principle of the needle detector is that the upper and lower probes receive and process the signal first, and the induction is detected by the strong magnetic field induction and the photoelectric detector. Then, there are the strong electric integrated block, the sensitivity control integrated block, the working principle of the needle detector, and the signal receiving integrated block. And the signal output integrated block to complete the inspection work.
Performance feature editing
1. The newly developed high-integration chip of the needle detector ensures high performance and high reliability;
2. The needle detector has high sensitivity and high anti-interference ability;
3. The needle detector adopts digital signal processing (DSP) from data acquisition to motor control, which is highly intelligent;
4. The needle detector is simple and easy to use, the data is automatically processed and saved, and the setting of the shutdown can be maintained every time the power is turned on;
5. High-frequency switching power supply developed by the needle detector itself, suitable for strong ability;
6. The needle detector adopts integrated design, optimizes product design, reduces the number of components, and replaces complicated electronic components with computers, so that the failure rate is doubled;
7. The needle detector is precisely controlled by the computer to control the timing of the motor and extend the life of the motor;
8. The needle detector accurately counts, qualified, defective, and total;
9. The needle detector is automatically stopped after no operation.
10. The needle detector can set the product inspection time of the machine;
11. The needle detector has two options: manual and automatic control, and the operation is more convenient and flexible.
The working principle of the needle detector When the needle passing machine has a broken needle or contains iron metal or the like, the needle detector is not allowed to pass, and the needle detector will automatically alarm when the iron-containing metal is detected, and The conveyor belt is retracted to the original position of the goods; from the position of the indicator light according to the broken needle signal, the inspector can quickly find the broken needle of the commodity, and if the metal is not detected, the needle detector channel can be passed. According to the regulations for the detection of broken needles in exporting textiles, the products that have passed the needle-detection inspection by needle detectors can be exported.



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