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How does the automatic weighing machine appear to be weighing?

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The automatic weighing machine can be used at the front end of the scanner, the sealing machine, the front end of the coding equipment or the end of the packaging machine. It is a high-speed and high-precision online inspection weight equipment. The use of the check weighing machine can enable the production line of the enterprise. Double the production capacity and solve the labor cost problem. In the process of using the online weighing machine, how to find out the reasons for using the manufacturer if the weighing is not accurate?

Regardless of the type of equipment, there is a reason for failure. When the automatic weighing machine is not weighing properly, we need to perform the following checks:

1. Check if there is wind blowing on the equipment;

2. Whether the equipment is calibrated or not, it can be recalibrated;

3. Check if other items touch the weighing tray;

4. Compare static weighing with dynamic weighing. If it does not match, it can be corrected by “dynamic learning”.

If the above inspection fails to solve the problem of inaccurate weighing, you need to ask a professional technician or the after-sales personnel of the equipment manufacturer to conduct troubleshooting to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Usually, we should also do the daily maintenance work of the checkweigher to effectively extend the service life of the equipment.


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