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high speed checkweigher


Inline Garvens Checkweigher Manual


Check weigher adopts advanced technology, high-speed MCU control, used to detect a single product weight and setting goals are consistent, and by sorting device automatically weed out substandard products. This product built-in world advanced digital weighing unit which can realize the measurement of high-speed, accurate and stable. Widely used in automatic production integration of the packaging industry. This machine is mainly composed of a microcomputer system, display system, conveyor system, weighing system and eliminating system structure

It is suitable to check the weight of various products, over or less weight will be rejected out, qualify bags will be passed to next equipment.

check weigher application


1. This machine adopts the subwoofer motor and the bearings of high speed, low noise as the transmission parts to reduce the danger of noise and interference.

2. prevent the dangers of electromagnetic and radiation, this machine adopts the excellent shielding materials to shield the danger and interference from all kinds of electromagnetic.

3. Provide the high definition touch screen as the simple interface to the user.

4. The conveying system was composed of a brushless motor and conveyor belt. Brushless motor driver module provides the motor with high torque, high precision, wide speed range of the drive, has realized the uniform motion of the item, the weighing unit can check the item weight more accurately.

5. The weighing system was composed by the main weighing unit and vibration weighing units. Put in the vibration weighing unit to prevent the vibration caused by the outside world for high-speed check weigher. Weighing and vibration unit adopts the high precision, high-speed high sensitive weighing sensor, the goods will force the information counter rotating into electrical signals by weighing module through the sensor, after communicating with the single-chip microcomputer then displayed on the touch screen.

Production Process:

check weigher process

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Q: How to choose a suitable machine?

A: Considering that machinery is different base on different customer's requirement, we advise you to discuss with our sales engineer firstly, then confirm the order. Our engineer will advise you a suitable machine for your application to avoid wrong machine ordered. If the current machine cannot meet your requirements, we will custom made a machine for your application.

Q: How to install and use the product?

A: The product is shipped with operating instructions and video of the English version.

Q: Do you accept customization service?

A: Yes, of course, we can not only offer standard machines but also customized machines according to your request. Don’t hesitate to tell us your requirement, we will try our best to meet your needs.


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