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High Precision - Automatic Weighing and Sorting Machine

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-25      Origin:Site

Moment positive new automatic weighing sorting machine, automatic sorting scale is a comprehensive, efficient, intelligent and convenient solution, automatically weighed and sorted out according to the weight of the set product.

Application industry

Moment positive new automatic sorting machine is widely used in food, aquatic products, hardware, agricultural and sideline products industry product size classification. It can quickly and reliably sort out different weight levels in advance, and can accurately sort to 25 levels to meet the different needs of various industries. All food and aquatic industry applications that meet very stringent hygiene standards and IP65 protection.


1. Reinforced stainless steel frame; comprehensive waterproof design.

2, using high-precision sensors; based on advanced high-speed digital signal processing technology.

3. Dynamic weight automatic compensation technology; zero point automatic analysis and tracking technology.

4, 10 product presets; easy product editing and storage.

5, fast product switching and automatic adjustment of the corresponding product sorting speed.


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