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Hardware component of the weight sorter system

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The weight sorting machine (also known as the “checking scale”) is the checkweighing equipment of the packaging production line. The principle is to let the bagged items pass through the weighing platform at a certain speed, and dynamically measure the contents of the bagged products in the process. The weight value, and the actuator rejects the unqualified items.

Hardware component of the weight sorter system

1. Computer: The center of data acquisition, data management and control decision making for the entire measurement and control system.

2. Signal detection part: Mainly refers to two high-accuracy pressure sensors, which are responsible for real-time conversion of the dynamic weighing quality signal, and transmit the converted electric signal to the data acquisition board.

3. Signal Conditioning Circuit: Amplifies, excites, linearizes, isolates, and filters the signal.

4. Data acquisition card part: including data acquisition card and its supporting equipment, A/D conversion of the collected data, transmission to the computer for further analysis and processing; and then the control result output by the computer is converted by D/A, output Give the control part.

5. Control part: The computer processes according to the control setting parameters, obtains the control result through a certain control algorithm, and transmits the control result to the actuator.

6. Executing agency: The executing agency performs corresponding actions according to the control results, and timely removes packaging products whose quality is not up to standard.

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