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Food metal detector manufacturers talk to you: the rapid growth trend of domestic security inspection market

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Food metal detector security equipment, including various inspection instruments, including security gates, food metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors, etc., has been vigorously developed in recent years, which is reflected in economic development and rising national strength. The management requirements for security are getting higher and higher.

Security inspection equipment refers to the general name for equipment used in airports, customs, stations, public security inspection agencies and other places to prevent and stop explosions, shootings, and murders, and thus to carry out safety inspections on goods, people, venues and articles. According to the volume and application field, it can be divided into large, medium and small equipment. The large security inspection equipment is mainly used for cargo inspection, such as container/vehicle inspection required by customs, airport and railway. The technical requirements are very high; medium-sized equipment Currently, it is mainly used for baggage and personal detection in passenger transportation. Small devices are mainly hand-held devices that are easy to move and carry.

Food metal detector


From the product category, it mainly includes three categories: security inspection, explosion-proof disposal and anti-terrorism equipment. The security inspection equipment includes X-ray security inspection machine, security inspection door, hand-held metal detector, through-metal detector door, liquid detector, explosive detector. Metal detectors (doors), etc., explosion-proof disposal equipment including explosion-proof tanks, explosion-proof blankets, robots, explosives site survey boxes, dangerous goods storage tanks and some auxiliary facilities, etc., anti-terrorism equipment including portable frequency jammers, gas detectors, etc. .

The main application areas of security equipment are the entry and exit points of airports, customs, and public security inspection departments. With the improvement of the safety level of urban rail transit, the application of security inspection equipment in urban rail stations has gradually increased, and has become a significant growth area in the application market. The demand for security inspection equipment in newly built and renovated airports is an important driving force for the current market growth in the security inspection field.

In fact, the rapid growth of China's security equipment market is driven by airport security. After the "911" incident in the United States, the application of security inspection products, including security gates and metal detector doors, has increased significantly in order to strengthen airport security construction. Since 2004, the security inspection system has been implemented in national courts. In 2008, under the direct promotion of the security level of the Beijing Olympic Games, the Beijing Metro began to conduct a baggage survey, and the channel X-ray security instrument was applied, and then it was promoted in subways such as Shanghai. The application of stadiums, conference centers, tourist attractions, etc. has steadily increased. In 2012, procurement projects with a certain scale included the security equipment update of the Olympic Park and the procurement of security equipment for the Great Hall of the People.

In the next few years, the security inspection market will continue to maintain a steady development trend, such as food metal detectors, security gates, hand-held security inspections, etc., and constantly improve the security systems!

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