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Food metal detector application areas and product features

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-12      Origin:Site

Food metal detectors for use in areas: 1. Can detect dry products, water-containing products such as various fillings, salt-containing products such as seafood. 2. Metal detectors are applied in the food and meat industry, the plastics industry, the wood industry, the packaging industry, and other industries, and are designed for frozen products and seafood as well as products for special industries. 3. The metal detector can be equipped with a foreign object rejection device and a PLC programming node output, which can be applied to an automated assembly line.

Features: 1. Using mirror stainless steel material, the machine surface is clean and hygienic. Made of laser cutting, it is well made. 2. The metal detector detection probe and the electric control box are waterproof and treated by two independent transformers, which have strong anti-seismic and anti-interference ability. 3. The food metal detector can be equipped with a variable speed motor or a foreign matter removal device, which is suitable for pipeline production.



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