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CW-150 online weighing machine technical parameters

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-30      Origin:Site

CW-150 online weighing machine technical parameters

Model: CW-150

Check weight range: 3g-500g

Conveying speed (m / min): 5-85 meters

Maximum speed: (package / minute): 198 packs

Standard accuracy: ±0.3 g

Delivery bandwidth: 150mm

Elimination method: air blow push rod or pull rod rejection (optional)

Product preset mode: 50 groups

Use power: 220V50HZ single phase

Power: about 220W

External air source: /

Pneumatic interface: 8mm

Reserved interface (optional): /

Protection level: in line with IP-30 (PB) international standard (waterproof type meets IP-66 international standard)

Weight: 80 kg

Floor to conveyor height: 750 ± 50mm (can be customized according to actual requirements)

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