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CW-1000 weighing machine manufacturers no one supermarket talk

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Recently, "No Supermarket" has smashed friends' circles, claiming to be the world's first unmanned retail store, "Amoy Coffee", which opened in Hangzhou. This "hands in the invisible" shop earns enough eyeballs with "subversion" attitude--integration Leading artificial intelligence system such as machine learning, computer vision, network, etc., brush two-dimensional code into the store, no salesperson or cashier, picking the goods, CW-1000 weighing machine manufacturers no one supermarket talk, the phone will automatically settle .
Sounds cool? Following the Beijing Fifth Ring on Baidu's "Driving Vehicle", Ali "Unmanned Supermarket" once again detonated the focus of public opinion. The online integration of "new retail" has really come to us from a concept. Now go out without cash, "sweep", to get paid, we are very used to it, but there is no supermarket or even "sweeping" the province, the experience of the scene, netizens said, it feels like "free." What kind of black technology is hidden behind this?
The phone that enters a door after selecting the goods will be automatically settled and the deduction will be completed. Behind the extreme experience of "buy and go", it is actually portrait recognition, product identification, self-service payment, big data analysis, Internet of Things (East-Net), blockchain integration system. In short, it uses computer vision and biometrics to identify identities and store ubiquitous cameras and sensors to detect movements of people and objects. Industry experts believe that the current nature of "Amoy Coffee" is that Ali has established a solution in the form of a concept store, realizing commercial applications, and there are still many problems to be solved. Among them, the identification of goods and the burglar damage of related goods is the core link. For example, Wal-Mart launched a project called "Scan-go", where users use the iPhone to scan items during shopping, and finally they can self-checkout, but because they don't solve the high-priced stolen goods, they eventually become smart supermarkets on the road. "Martyrs". Then, the new network red "Amoy coffee" through what technical means to achieve product identification?
According to the relevant technical personnel of Ali, the "Amoy Coffee" store products use RFID technology, which is in line with most of the previous predictions. In June of this year, domestic European supermarkets released the “Power Fruit Box” unmanned convenience store in Shanghai, and they introduced RFID-based equipment.
Rfid is a radio frequency identification technology that can be confirmed over long distances (30m), attached to the item using the rfid tag, and the sensor can be identified by the reader in the area. As long as the product enters the scanning area, the cumulative calculation of all goods can be completed instantaneously. At present, the common practice is to put the RFID chip on the outer packaging of the commodity. This is an application in the mature smart packaging field, which has become the technical support of the most reliable identification products behind the unmanned stores. Rfid is currently the most suitable packaging technology for unmanned stores. However, it also has the disadvantage of high cost, so it is more suitable for high-value products. If the cost of future rfid chips is reduced, then cheap goods can be used. The rfid application will be more extensive. At the same time, the use of RFID electronic tags is inconvenient for bulk goods.



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