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Conveyor Type Needle Detector


Conveyor Type Needle Detector


1. A new method of combining analog circuits together with digital circuits, which helpfully upgrades its performance and intelligence.

2. A new type of touch screen input and large-scale integrated circuit are used to enhance the sensitivity. Specifically, the CPU collects analog signals and converts them into digital signals for processing and output.

3. Simple interface design allows users to easily operate all the functions.

4. It can be set up with various functions and modes, and self-checking function is available.

5.sensitivity: 1-9 levels for adjustment.

6. When the metal is detected, the sound, light and instrument alarms can work at the same time.

7. It is controlled by computer. According to the commands of users, it can fulfill the quantity statistics, sort out the statistics of qualified or unqualified products, store data and print it, identify the dry and wet concentration and separate the interference caused by multiple types of equipment working at the same time.


It is used to detect broken needles, wires or lead, copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel and other metals that are mixed or lost in food or raw materials.

Applicable Objects: sauce, sausage, dumplings, ham, soup, candy, pickled food, salted food, fast food, food additives, starch, glucose, tobacco, fresh meat, dairy products, and fruit industries.

Needle Detector Machine application

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Needle Detector Machine Process

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Needle Detector Machine package


Q : Services?

A : 1.EPC service for single equipment and whole production line.

2.OEM service for your personal equipment or production line 

3.Testing before delivery  and Pretesting in working site until get qualified products 

4.24hours for technical Operation Guide and  4hours offer technical proposal for problem shooting. 

Q : Are you manufacturer or trader?

A : We are manufacturer, we have own factory in Shanghai, we have independent department for purchasing, producing, processing, testing, packing, storing , and transportation, believe our team is best team in china.

Q : Do you accept customer Logo and customized ?

A : We accept kinds of customized and logo of all of our products for customers.

Q : How to keep safety of this business transaction?

A : We can accept Trade Assurance, Embassy help check, 3rd party inspection like SGS ,etc.


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