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Cheap Factory Price Checkweigher with Rejecter System Type


Cheap Factory Price Checkweigher with Rejecter System Type

Checkweigher is widely used in many industries such as electronics, pharmaceutical and health care, food and service, beverage, chemical, light industrial, agricultural and so on.


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Details of Check Weigher:                                                                                                                                  

Comprehensive Software Support

1 Generate production report

1 Support Third Party Connectivity

3 Factory Settings

Intuitive Operating System

1 Touch screen

2 User-friendly interface

High-Quality Components

1 All our machines are constructed with high-performance components

2 Ensure long life and low maintenance

Professional Mechanical Design, Top Craftsmanship

1 Full stainless steel construction

2 Belts are easy to detach, easy to clean and maintain

Wide Range of Use

1 Checkweighing Range

2 Suitable product dimensions

High Speed, High Accuracy, High Stability

1 High-grade load cell

2 Long lasting usage

3 Automatic or manual zero correcting function

Production Process:                                                                                                                                          

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Our Certificite                                                                                                                                                    

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Q : Services?

A : 1, We will try to reply your inquires within 24 hours.

2, All our sales stuff will stand in customer’s position, and service you from the perspective of customers.

3, Most of our machine can be customized, so you can tell your kinds of requirement before ordering. We will try to meet client’s requirement.

4, If need we sales sometimes can’t answer your questions, here we have experienced engineer to assist the sales disambiguation for your answer.

5, Our aim is “ Wholeheartedly service for customer".


Q : If you meet problem during testing?

A : we promise we will give you a reply within 48 hours and solution provide within 3 working days.

1.Within 12 months from the date of assembly and acceptance,but not exceeding 15 months from the date of shipment. During this period, we will use phone and internet to provide the users with a comprehensive after-sale advisory service.

2.We provide life-long warranty service of machine for users with cost.

If machine failure caused by our side, you can send back the spare parts to us with cost by our side.

If our technician or engineer invited to customer side for training, Customer should pay ticket ,accommodation and service charge.

3.Extra warranty period: we will can user with after-sales advisory service.

4.Our corporation has spare parts that can be provided for the users with cost.

5.We provide users with after-sales value-added technical service by preferential price for life, such as technical upgrades and retrofit.


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